What Type Of Water Is Best To Drink?

With the heat wave locked into Topeka for the next few days, it is very important to keep hydrated. And It can be hard to figure out what type of water is best to drink, you have bottled water, tap water, and filtered water and it all comes down to preference.

Tap water is usually produced by your city or town through a water treatment plant where it’s disinfected and follows standards set by the federal government.

Bottled water is either tap water or spring water and doesn’t have to follow government or city guidelines but depending on the type of water, you may get additional minerals.

Filtered water is tap water that is filtered at the tap, some think it makes the water healthier but according to researchers filtered water is just as good as bottled or tap water, it just may taste better.

No matter what type of water you may or may not like, just make sure to keep yourself full of it during the next few days.


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