Eric Church Says Top 5 Hit, “Some Of It,” Almost Wasn’t Included on “Desperate Man” Album

Eric Church Says Top 5 Hit, “Some Of It,” Almost Wasn’t Included on “Desperate Man” Album

Eric Church has another Top 5 hit on his hands with “Some of It,” which is the second single from his 2018 album, Desperate Man.

Co-penned by Eric, Jeff Hyde, Clint Daniels and Bobby Pinson, “Some of It” finds Eric dispensing “some” fatherly advice during the chorus: “Some of it you learn the hard way / Some of it you read on a page / Some of it comes from heartbreak / Most of it comes with age / And none of it ever comes easy / A bunch of it you maybe can’t use / I know I don’t probably know what I think I do / But there’s something to some of it.”

According to Eric, “Some of It” almost didn’t make the track list for Desperate Man. It was only after his wife, Katherine, played the song for a friend that Eric decided to revisit his upcoming track list.

“I was playing the album for a dear friend of ours, and my wife was with me, and it was just the three of us playing the album, and my wife said, ‘But let me play you what didn’t make it,’” says Eric. “And the first thing she played was ‘Some of It.’ I hadn’t listened to it in a while, and it was always a favorite song of mine, and I listened to it that night and went, ‘I’m gonna regret if I don’t record this song.’ I think my hesitation was because, initially, all the stuff that I thought was gonna be the pillars for this album just bombed, so I was scared of that song. But I think it’s really interesting that the album took on an identity that allowed ‘Some of It’ to make it from where it started to where it is now.”

Where it is now? No. 3 on the Mediabase chart.

photo by Tammie Arroyo,


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